Tax Day is upon us – a little delayed this year due to COVID-19 but here now none-the-less.  While Tax Day is not the most exciting day of the year for most of us, the process can shine a light on our finances and highlight areas of opportunity to keep more hard-earned money in hand. There are prominent areas for improvement, like forgoing the daily coffee stop for homebrew, but other areas to save are not so distinct.  If you are part of a couple trying to conceive, the fertility journey can be one area that takes a hidden toll on the bank account. 

A couple TTC and not pregnant after 12 months of regular unprotected sexual intercourse is considered to have an infertility challenge.  Experts state that 1/3 of infertility cases are due to female factor, 1/3 are due to male factor, and the remainder is unexplained. However, traditionally, the focus is placed on the female first when things aren’t going according to plan. She is the one who carries the baby, and usually, the one taking the lead on the growth and development of the child.   

When typing the word “infertility” into Amazon, you will see page after page of miracle cures for women who are trying to get pregnant. Between supplements, books, ovulation trackers, and more, she can end up spending thousands of dollars working towards conception. Beyond the online products, acupuncture appointments, fertility yoga, and other fertility-friendly activities can help deplete the monthly budget. Tack on the cost of emotional stress and this journey can start to feel quite expensive.

Why is Infertility important on Tax Day?  When we think about all the money spent on supporting the woman’s fertility investigation, there is almost nothing spent on the Man’s side by comparison.  If the Male and Female both contribute to about a third of the challenges, why is she the primary focus when he can create similar obstacles?

If your female partner is trying hard to get pregnant, there are ways to participating beyond having sex.  Before you spend thousands of dollars together on female-fertility products and services, you should confirm that Male Infertility is not a primary hurdle. A straightforward way to test your swimmers in the privacy of the home is with a YO Home Sperm Test.  At a cost of less than $35 per test, it is the most affordable, accurate, and private at-home semen analysis solution available on the market today.  You will receive a live video of your sample, a Motile Sperm Count, and a YO Score that compares your Sperm Quality to other men who have fathered children.  The free app offers fertility improvement tools and an archive to monitor improvement over time.  YO is a product of Medical Electronic Systems, the world leader in clinical-grade semen analysis systems, and all products are FDA cleared and validated extensively around the world.

YO Home Sperm Test saves you money on the first steps and provides some detail on where a couple should focus down the road.  If you are TTC, a few of those tax refund dollars may be well spent on YO, and we would like to help out with a 15% off coupon (TAXDAY15) through the end of the week.  Stay healthy, stay well, and let us know how YO can help with your journey.