Labor Day is upon us, and we hope to celebrate our hard work and achievements by enjoying some quality R and R. Traditionally, people enjoy the long weekend with a vacation, party, or cookout. But, if you are trying to conceive, it can be hard to relax through the pressures of conception, the stress of work, and this pesky COVID-19 situation.  Though desperately needed, rest and relaxation may be hard to come by these days.

This Labor Day, how about prioritizing a refocus and recharge to your fertility efforts in a low-key way?  Since stressful life events have been associated with decreased sperm quality and lower levels of hormones like testosterone, keeping cool, calm, and collected can be just what the doctor ordered for your TTC journey.

Here are some ways you and your partner can enjoy a chill Labor Day this year and help both of you reduce the stress level a notch:

  1. Spend some time in the water

Oceans, lakes, rivers, and swimming pools can be great stress-relieving and socially distanced environments.  Enjoy some time cooling off from the summer heat while staying active and engaged. Maybe even try something new like paddle boarding, sailing, or even a new swim stroke.  Leave your cell phone at home, put an out-of-office alert on your inbox, and escape for the day with nothing to do but embrace the soak and breathe the fresh air.

  1. Embrace some cuddle time with your partner

Sometimes, the pressure of making a baby distracts from the enjoyment of intimacy.  Plan some cozy time with your partner over the long weekend by making some time to cuddle, enjoy each other, and relax.  Have a movie night in bed, watch the game, light the fire, and have dinner delivered.  Luvv and Happiness are some of the best stress relievers for all of us.

  1. Laugh it up

While we may not be able to visit movie theaters or comedy clubs these days, there are plenty of fun alternatives to getting your chuckle on. From clicking on a hilarious old Adam Sandler movie to catching a streaming stand-up comedy special, the options are endless.  While laughing may not directly boost male fertility, it can help reduce stress and support your immune system – two factors that are undoubtedly fertility-friendly. What’s funny to the mind and spirit is often great for the body as well.

  1. Exchange massages

We are not suggesting an overpriced retail rub-down. Set up an at-home spa for you and your partner, then take turns oiling each other up (and down). Light some candles, put on some Jazz, and let the stress melt away. Who knows, the massage session may fire up some new bedroom adventures as well.

  1. Get your Om on

Yoga is a wonderful practice and fertility-friendly exercise for relieving stress.  What better time to start or learn a new position than over Labor Day?  In some studies, Yoga has been shown to help with stress management, decreased depression, and improved fetal outcomes.  If you are new to Yoga, it can also be a great way to try something new together.  Because of COVID, many yoga studios are streaming classes. Seek out a couples-style class and have some fun bending and sweating together over the long weekend.

  1. Cook together

Partnering up to create a tasty culinary experience can be great fun in these quarantined COVID-19 times.  Focus on fertility-friendly recipes that taste great and take some flair to cook.  Enjoy the process as much as the fulfillment of the result and establish some healthy habits along the way.  Enjoy each other’s company while turning Date Night into Chef Night.

Labor Day may look a little different this year, but making a point of trying something new, relaxing, while supporting your fertility can make all the difference this holiday weekend.  Making a conscious effort to unwind while learning more about your partner is a beautiful and fertility-focused way to celebrate the unofficial end of summer.