YO Home Sperm Test 2.0 – Demonstration Video | 1:29

After years of research and development, Medical Electronic Systems is proud to launch our new flagship product – YO Home Sperm Test 2.0 (WiFi Edition). Available in 2, 4, or 6 test versions. The free App is packed with fertility tools for both men and women.

YO Sperm and Egg Test Kit – Featuring Proov | 1:05

YO Sperm and Egg Test Kit for Him and Her is a private, affordable, and easy to use test-kit that tests male Sperm Quality, successful female Ovulation, and the optimal Fertility Window. The kit features our trusted partner, Proov.  Remember, it All Started with a Sperm and Egg.

Medical Electronic Systems Product Showcase | 1:52

Medical Electronic Systems presents a showcase of our flagship products for the home and the lab. Male fertility instruments for at-home use in a private setting and laboratory use by professionals. Products featured include YO Home Sperm Test, SQA-iO, QwikCheck Gold, SQA-V Gold, SQA-Vision

Unboxing of YO Home Sperm Test 2.0 | 0:16

A quick showcase of the YO Home Sperm Testing device, supplies, and accessories. The Kit includes the YO testing device, semen analysis slides, liquefaction powder, pipette dropper, power cable, collection cups, and product instructions.

The Launch of YO 2.0 WiFi Edition at CES in Las Vegas 2:13

It was a great honor to attend once again the largest consumer electronic trade show in the world. CES in Las Vegas drew 200,000 people from all over the world, and Medical Electronic Systems was front and center speaking to people about Male Fertility, Semen Analysis, and YO.

Meet the CEO Behind the YO Home Sperm Test 1:44

Global Mobile Solutions (GMS) is a division of Medical Electronic Systems, the world leaders in Automated Sperm Quality Analyzers. YO Home Sperm Test is the company’s first at-home retail product and offers the ability to test and improve Fertility privately. Hear the story here.

A Couples Journey Testing the Swimmers with YO 1.0 3:20

YO Home Sperm Test offers a private and secure way to test and improve male fertility from the comfort of home. Most men do not want to visit the doctor to have their sperm tested. YO allows you to explore your potency on your terms and save significant money on your path to pregnancy.

How YO Works – iPhone and Android Smartphone Version  3:55

The Smartphone Version of YO Home Sperm Test is compatible with most iPhone and Android models available. The download is Free, and the App includes a wealth of Male and Female Fertility tools.  FREE DOWNLOAD

Infertility Is Reaching All-Time Highs 0:47

Studies show that male fertility has declined by as much as 50% in the last 40 years. In 1973 the average sperm count was around 99 Million/mL.

4 Years Of YO Test Kit Development 0:40

Watch in 33 seconds what took four years of hard work to bring YO to the market. It took a team of 25 semen analysis experts and extensive clinical trials.

Fertility Facts & Fiction 2:00

If you and your partner are trying to get pregnant, dive in, and learn how to check your fertility at home, test his swimmers, and watch your own family sperm video.

Testing Your Sperm At Home 0:46

The YO home sperm test app is downloaded free of charge to your smartphone. To test your swimmers, a YO kit that contains supplies for two tests can be purchased from the YO website.

Unwanted Advice On Getting Pregnant 1:01

Most people know very little about infertility, the root causes, the testing, or solutions. Often, the less people know, the more advice they have to give.

Doctors Office Infertility Assessment 0:50

If you do not know your fertility status, that first step of walking into a doctor’s office for testing can be intimidating and embarrassing.