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Who Are We?

YO is the child of Medical Electronic Systems, the largest provider of Automated Sperm Quality Analyzers world-wide with over 4,000 systems in use.  Throughout the industry, MES is respected as the gold standard for male fertility testing in Hospital Labs, Universities, and IVF Centers in over 50 Countries.

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YO IS BORN – After 4 years of intense research and development, The YO Home Sperm Test Kit was set to become the first consumer product offered by Medical Electronic Systems. A team of more than 25 experts and industry partners assisted in the creation of YO. No other company sought to address sperm testing in the same manner as YO. Medical Electronic Systems took on the challenge of producing the first consumer sperm home test to harness the power of the smart device and video to read motile sperm concentration and capture and display live swimmers in action.

Following rigorous clinical validation and testing, large clinical trials were conducted at multiple laboratories across America and Internationally. 500+ men used YO in a controlled setting to gather findings for an application to the FDA and other global regulatory bodies. Medical Electronic Systems’ vast technological and software experience in testing semen helped ensure the success of the YO Home Sperm Test.

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The MES team had harnessed their passion for helping empower men in their reproductive process to change the nature of semen analysis. In 2016, Medical Electronic Systems was proud to announce FDA clearance on the world’s first smart-device based male fertility analysis tool. To date, YO Home Sperm Test remains the first, and only FDA and CE cleared solution to allow Men a private 1st step screening alternative to laboratory testing. YO delivers analysis and video that can be easily shared with a fertility specialist. Remember, it ALL Started with a Sperm!

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While an at-home semen analysis is not a replacement for a full laboratory test, it is a first step to learn where you stand and work on lifestyle-based fertility improvements. Medical Electronic Systems believes that YO provides those interested in sperm quality and conception with the best possible tool to start the journey. An at-home solution also provides an immediate and proactive option to test male fertility at the beginning of the pregnancy journey instead of waiting 1 year for an infertility diagnosis. YO reports a screening of the most important semen analysis parameter = Motile Sperm Concentration (MSC), but other sperm characteristics are important for conception.

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