Saturday, May 23rd, 2020, is National Lucky Penny Day, and YO Home Sperm Test wanted to honor the event with a weekend of Penny Potential. 

If your adventures take you outside, keep your eyes to the ground, scoop up that copper-plated luck charm, and put it to great use.  The Penny Pickup has been a symbol of luck for 100’s of years in America and other countries as well.  Early folklore has described the found Penny as a gift from the gods, a representation of good and evil, and even a symbol of wealth.  One of the most famous American presidents, Abraham Lincoln, is proudly displayed on the coin, and back in the day, a Penny could buy even something!  This weekend, it can again.

Now through Monday, May 25th, you can purchase a 2-Test Refill Kit for one Penny using code 1YOPENNY alongside a full-priced YO Kit for iPhone, Android, PC, or MAC.  Both kits together give you four tests to check his swimmers and begin the fertility improvement and monitoring journey in the comfort of home.  In these challenging COVID-19 times, where access to non-essential medical services, like semen analysis, is limited, YO thought it would be a spirited way to offer our product to those who need it.  Whether you find one in the street or spend one with YO, today can be your lucky penny day. 

If you are working to conceive, that Penny is well spent with YO Home Sperm Test.  Just order any test kit at regular price for $69.95 and add a 2-Test Refill Kit for one Penny.  Add both to the shopping cart together and use code 1YOPENNY to enjoy the savings.  This offer is valid once per customer and cannot be combined with other offers.  Time is limited, so act now!

Over the years, the joy of finding a lucky Penny has lifted many people across America and in other countries as well.  When a simple action like this takes hold, it usually means there is more to it than meets the eye. Some take it as superstition, but many feel it’s a sign of luck, encouragement from the powers that be, and even a shout-out that you are following your own personal adventure.  One thing is for sure; it does have the power to lift your spirits when you embrace that Penny Power.