Scott Barber is a busy man. A member of the Canine Cryobank team, Scott goes all over the country, collecting frozen dog semen. Why? Because the demand for viable frozen semen is on the rise and Canine Cryobank is at the forefront of the movement.

Canine Cryobank, located in San Marcos, California, helps breeders not only in the United States, but internationally. The Cryobank is the first provider of frozen semen to produce a litter in Canada and South America.

On the job with YO

Collecting semen may seem like a thankless job, but Barber says it’s more interesting than you’d think, especially since the introduction of the YO Home Sperm Test. Why?

“The semen produced by a dog changes every two months,” Barber explained. “You would be surprised at the variability I have seen between dogs and even the discrepancy in collections from month to month in the same dog.”

Being able to know the quality of a stud’s sperm before artificial insemination saves clients time and money. Breeders can have the YO Home Sperm Test on hand when it’s time for breeding, leading to a greater chance of success. The breeding process can be expensive, so it is critical that the consumer insures that semen is both high in quality and quantity before moving forward. Breeders can now avoid using dogs with low quality, or in the worst case, even sterile collections.

In the field with YO

The addition of the YO Home Sperm Test has allowed Barber to go where the dogs are and collect viable semen by testing it on the spot. “One of the biggest advantages I’ve seen when using the YO Home Sperm Test in the field is, YO Home Sperm Test allows you to send viable semen back to be frozen,” says Barber. “The YO Home Sperm test is intuitive, so both the advanced breeder and the newcomer can perform semen evaluations for their studs.”

Barber says he’s found the YO Home Sperm Test to be so easy to use, he’s recommending it to breeders and others interested in the health of individual dog breeds. He says, “It’s so easy to use, I’m recommending it to everyone.”

The experts agree – not only is YO the best way to screen for human male fertility potential at home, it’s also now used to help dog breeders produce successful litters by using the best canine sperm!

The YO Home Sperm Test definitely goes beyond human use. Watch our blog as we bring stories from around the world on how the YO Home Sperm Test is being used in the most creative ways.