Your YO test results will first report whether your Motile Sperm Concentration (MSC) is MODERATE/NORMAL or LOW based on a cut-off of 6 million/mL moving sperm (based on the global semen analysis authority, the World Health Organization 5th Edition).  But, to understand how MODERATE/NORMAL your sperm is, check your YO SCORE in the RESULTS section of the YO app.  See how your sperm compare to thousands of other men who participated in a global study conducted by the World Health Organization. 

The YO SCORE is reported only for Moderate/Normal YO test results.

What is the YO SCORE and HOW is it determined?   If your initial results were MODERATE/NORMAL, YO further analyzes your sperm video to see how many sperm cells you have and if they are moving (Motile Sperm Concentration or MSC).  Based on this a YO SCORE is reported as a number on a scale of 10 to 90+ in increments of 10.  The score you receive correlates to a study published by the WHO that ranks the sperm concentration and motility of thousands of men who have fathered children (the ‘fertile’ population).

What is the difference between a 20 and 80 YO SCORE?  The more moving sperm cells you have in your sample, the higher the YO SCORE.  However, the YO SCORE is not the only measure of your fertility or ability to have a child as this depends on many fertility factors, including your health and the health of your partner.  Think about the YO SCORE as being similar to comparing height.  A person can be 5 feet tall or 6 feet tall and still be NORMAL.  Being taller might better prepare you for playing Basketball, but it is not the only factor in becoming a champion.  Most men will be in the mid-range for height, and most men will be in the mid-range for YO Score (40-60).

Can I improve my YO SCORE? There is growing evidence that sperm quality is impacted by environment and lifestyle.   If your YO SCORE fluctuates over time or is on the low-mid range of ‘normal’ you might be able to positively impact your sperm quality by making lifestyle changes. YO provides some guidelines for improving your score and will monitor the changes over time with a graph of all of your YO SCORES.

How often should I monitor my YO SCORE if I’m making lifestyle changes?  If you are contemplating parenthood, first run your YO test. Check your YO SCORE in MY RESULTS and see where you stand.  A YO SCORE of 40 or more is in the mid to high end of NORMAL.  Since there are two YO tests/kit, test yourself again in 90 days to see if there are any changes in your YO SCORE.  Why 90 days?  Because it takes the body ~ 90 days to ‘manufacture’ new sperm cells and any lifestyle changes will only impact new cell development.

What should I do if I have a YO SCORE below 30?  If your YO SCORE is 10, 20 or 30 you are in the LOW range of NORMAL.  If you are actively trying to conceive, it is recommended that you re-run your YO test in two weeks and compare the results, just to confirm the first test.  If you are still in this range, it is further recommended that you seek medical advice to rule out any issues that may impact your efforts trying to conceive.  Bring your YO video, results and YO SCORE to your first visit.

Supplies…additional YO test supplies can be purchased from YO directly or via AMAZON or eBay.  The YO archive will save and report all of your tests for your record and for comparison purposes.