The first baby conceived with the help of the YO Home Sperm Test has arrived! Gabriel and Nicole welcomed Davis Joseph on April 5, 2018.

Davis arrived the morning his mom had been scheduled to induce labor, about a week after his original due date. According to Nicole, the labor was rough, but she got through it, with Gabriel’s help. They were happy to be able to go home after two nights in the hospital and are enjoying their new family life.

We had previously spoken with Gabriel and Nicole about their issues with infertility. As with most couples, the journey toward Davis’ birth was, at times, frustrating, but with a happy ending.

Nicole said, “After several difficult months and very calculated attempts, we were really starting to worry that natural conception wasn’t going to be an option. By understanding Gabriel’s trouble, we were able to work with our doctor for a quick fix and now, we’re happy parents. Best investment ever!”

The couple purchased the YO Home Sperm Test through our website. They already had a fertility specialist with whom they were working, but decided to take things into their own hands, so to speak. They followed the simple YO directions and, in just a short time, were able to pinpoint the problem as being on Gabriel’s side. They shared the results with their fertility specialist, who was able to use those results in coming up with a plan, resulting in Davis’ conception and birth.

As for little Davis’ family life, he’s met several of his extended family, including grandparents, aunts and uncles. His Dad is already exercising some parental direction; we asked what kind of phone Davis would have, to which Gabriel answered: “HA! We’ll try to limit his screen time but I’m sure it’ll be an iPhone XXXVI.”

Summing up their journey and the impact the YO Home Sperm Test had on their lives, Gabriel said, “Baby Davis is here and we can’t be more thrilled. Lucky to have an uncomplicated delivery and the little guy is growing, eating and, thankfully, sleeping like a champ. Totally grateful to the team at YO for helping us on our journey to parenthood. Definitely a five-star rating!”

Thanks, Gabriel and Nicole, for allowing us to be part of your growing family!