Whether you’ve just started TTC or are months or even years along, know this: there are newer, better ways to monitor fertility and predict your best shot at conception. And this isn’t just about women tracking cycles. The latest and greatest fertility tracking and prediction methods have equally great offerings for both male and female partners

If you’re just diving into the great big world that is fertility, you need to know about three things:

  1. Sperm quality

  2. Ovulation confirmation

  3. Predicting your fertility window

These are the most important factors to getting pregnant, and now there’s an all-inclusive kit for it:

The YO Sperm & Egg | Test, Predict, Confirm Kit provides resources to test, monitor, and improve these critical factors, which are widely considered the most valuable puzzle pieces for determining fertility and reducing time to pregnancy while Trying to Conceive.

Go here to see the YO Sperm and Egg | Test, Predict, Confirm Kit and read on to get some extra information about the factors you’ll be testing

  1. Know Your Sperm Quality

If you’re Trying to Conceive currently, it may feel like you’re living on a wish, and the stars have yet to align and make it happen.  But, really, there are some concrete things you can learn and implement to increase your chances of conception while TTC.

The most crucial measurement for sperm quality is known as Motile Sperm Concentration, or MSC. “Motile” refers to sperm movement, which is essential for the sperm to reach the egg. While there are other aspects of sperm quality, MSC is the single best indicator of good Sperm Quality.  MSC is calculated by multiplying the Number of Sperm you have by the Motile percentage which are moving.  Hence, MSC.

The internal mechanisms related to conception require sperm to travel into the female body and not be damaged or destroyed in the process. If your sperm aren’t up to the task, knowing that fact is the first step to seeking solutions. The test kit from YO gives you that insight by first letting you know if your Motile Sperm Concentration is Normal or Abnormal and then ranking the Sperm Quality compared to other men who have fathered children in the form of a YO SCORE.

YO Male Fertility Sperm Test comes in a simple to use test kit, and results are saved privately on your smart device via the YO Home Sperm Test app. No mail-in or lab visit is required, which makes this an effortless and secure way to test the quality of your sperm and compare it to other men who have fathered children. In addition, YO has been subjected to rigorous validation in clinical trials in multiple laboratories. Our results are 97% accurate when compared to regular lab tests so that you can trust the results.

  1. Is Ovulation Really Happening?

For a female partner, tracking the stages of menstruation is key to understanding fertility. Peak fertility can vary from cycle to cycle, but pinpointing ovulation is really where the magic happens. When the egg is released from the ovary into the fallopian tube, women should have symptoms, but not all of them do.

Becoming aware of what should happen and whether or not it is happening is a super important step to understanding female fertility. The first-ever at-home test to confirm ovulation is created by Proov and is an essential part of our Sperm and Egg testing kit.

Proov is a partner company to YO. Proov has an FDA-cleared PdG test, which accurately confirms whether a woman is ovulating. When women don’t ovulate, it is impossible to get pregnant naturally. This often unnoticed dynamic can be a root cause of unexplained infertility. Proov is a simple, at-home test that is the female half of the YO Sperm and Egg | Test, Predict, Confirm Kit, giving both partners insight into any potential issues.

  1. Timing the Right Moment

If you’ve started reading up on conception at all, you know that many essential elements have to align for a successful pregnancy. Sperm quality and ovulation confirmation are the best places to start to see if the sperm are healthy and ovulation is occurring.  Once you’ve removed these two elements from the equation, the next question is timing. It can be challenging to know when a woman is most fertile and when the optimal time to conceive is. That is where the third component of the YO Sperm and Egg | Test, Predict, Confirm Kit comes into play!

Use the Kit’s Proov LH test strips to predict ovulation, a woman’s most fertile window for conception, down to the 48 optimal hours for getting pregnant. This revolutionary resource can help couples time intercourse accurately to increase their chances of conceiving a baby.

TTC? Try YO Sperm & Egg | Test, Predict, Confirm Kit

If you are Trying to Conceive and things have not gone to plan, lots of men and women face a journey into the unknown. Before you fall into the Google wormhole, that is, “what could it be?” try YO. We are here to provide a reliable, validated, and accurate product for anyone TTC.

Here’s why you can trust us with this enormously important part of your life:

  • YO is produced by the world leader in automated semen analysis solutions for professional labs (Medical Electronic Systems, or MES).
  • YO is the only at-home fertility test that has FDA and CE clearance for use on smart devices.  It took the company three years of trials and validations to achieve this honor.
  • YO measures the most important semen quality metrics; Motile Sperm Concentration, YO Quality Score compared to other fathers.  It also provides a live video of the sample for personal reference or to share with a professional.

The YO Sperm and Egg | Test, Predict, Confirm Kit available internationally and always ships in a plain discrete box.  YO is FSA and HSA eligible for use with your Flexible Spending Account and can be purchased through the YO Website, Amazon, CVS, MyLab Box, PreMama, and other online partners.

Test, Predict, confirm and LEARN 100% privately and securely at-home on your terms with YO.  “Remember, it ALL Started with a Sperm and Egg!”