National Bike to Work Day takes place on the third Friday in May annually. This day encourages people to choose to ride their bikes to work instead of driving their cars or using public transportation. The benefits of choosing to cycle to work are extensive and range from supporting our health to reducing our carbon footprint. This day also highlights the importance of being aware of traffic laws to allow for cyclists and drivers to share the road safely.

While biking is a fun outdoor activity that is also an awesome workout, it does come with a downside, if he is a man trying to conceive. Yes, staying fit is essential for overall health, and maintaining a healthy weight is associated with better fertility. But cycling is not the best choice for Sperm health.

Data has suggested that cycling is linked to adverse outcomes associated with male fertility, including:

  • Increased scrotal heat from the biking position and from tight-fitting clothes, which can cause damage to new Sperm,
  • Exposure to chemicals while wearing tight-fitting clothes such as a cycling uniform, which does not support fertility,
  • Potential for damage to the testes from impact, which may result in sperm production issues.


Damage to the nerves of the testes is a well-documented complication of cycling, and it is suggested that the incidence of impotence in cyclists is higher than that of the general population.

Additionally, biking can lead to dehydration if the cyclist is not proactive with his water intake. Dehydration may lead to decreased sperm quality and less volume of semen.

If you and your partner ride, it is a good idea to confirm that there are no underlying male-factor issues like low motile sperm count that may have been caused by cycling. Ultimately, a little knowledge can save you and your partner a lot of time on your pregnancy journey. By taking a simple and non-invasive YO Home Sperm Test you can get a better idea of how healthy his Sperm are.  This test can be performed in the privacy of your home and does not require a doctor’s visit during these challenging COVID times.

If you are peddling to observe National Bike to Work Day, it is essential to be mindful of how this activity can affect your fertility. While a short bike ride once in a while will not cause harm, lots of intense, long, and frequent bike rides should be avoided while trying to conceive.  Choosing activities that have less impact in the groin area like tennis, jogging, or swimming are healthy alternatives that are fun and fertility-friendly.

If you and your partner are trying to conceive, making simple lifestyle and exercise changes can make a big difference on your journey towards conception.