You might be aware of the list of foods your female partner should avoid when trying to conceive – there’s plenty of information out there about that. But what about you? The time it takes to conceive isn’t only dependent on your significant other – it’s affected by your health, too. To help you on your path to optimal reproductive health, in this article we list the foods men should avoid when trying to conceive.

Foods to avoid when trying for a baby

Most of us are aware of the connection between food and general health – but its effect on sperm quality isn’t something that comes to mind automatically. Some foods work wonders on fertility, others may decrease sperm health and your overall fertility. Here’s what you should avoid:

Processed foods and meats

A 2014 study showed that eating processed meat has a negative effect on the shape of your sperm. While admittedly tasty, foods such as hot dogs, salami, ham, corned beef, beef jerky and bacon can affect your sperm count and change the way your sperm moves. Sticking to organic, fresh red meat options in appropriate portion sizes is a much better alternative. Vegetable-based processed meals aren’t ideal for your fertility, either. The chemicals and preservatives in these meals contain a lot of saturated fats, which your sperm doesn’t like. And on that note:

Trans fats

Apart from increasing your risk of heart disease, trans fats also do a number on your sperm – literally. Studies have shown that consuming baked and fried foods such as cakes, cookies, fried chicken, and french fries, led to reduced sperm numbers. Trans fats also contribute to obesity and that in itself puts a damper on sperm health.

Canned food

Many food cans are lined with Bisphenol-A (BPA). BPA often finds itself in the foods we consume. While not all studies agree on the full effect of BPA on male fertility, it’s safe to say that minimizing your intake of canned food may contribute to your overall health.

Carbonated drinks

Cola and energy drinks offer an easy fix, but they are linked to reduced sperm counts and sperm motility (how the sperm moves). Carbonated drinks also have a high sugar content. Studies have shown that men with high sugar diets have low sperm quality.

Full fat milk

Lower fat or fat free milk are much kinder on your sperm health, compared to full fat milk. A diet characterized by high-fat dairy products is associated with decreased sperm motility and abnormal sperm shape. Dairy foods are high in estrogens and environmental estrogens could be behind the decline in overall sperm counts.

The Takeaway (but really, homemade is best)

As we’ve seen, what you eat has a direct impact on your sperm health. Choosing healthier food alternatives can reduce the time it takes to conceive. If you’re curious about your sperm health and ways to improve it, Yo Sperm Test provides you with useful information about your sperm, all in the comfort of your own home. Learn more about Yo Sperm Test, here.