Test Male Fertility Privately and Affordably | Learn More About YO Home Sperm Test at ACOG!

2023 ACOG Preview Video:

Medical Electronic Systems is proud to support ACOG (the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) as an exhibitor from May 19th through 21st in Baltimore, MD. MES will showcase our YO Home Sperm Test Kit and we Welcome you to Booth 714 for a free gift and a demonstration of our At-Home Semen Analysis Test Kit.  YO is a device that allows men to test their semen quality and motile sperm count from the comfort and privacy of their own home. The tests uses a combination of semen sample collection cups, slides, and smartphone-based technology to analyze motile sperm count and provide a YO Score quality ranking compared to other men who have fathered children.  YO also provides a video of the sample, which can be used for personal reference or shared with a doctor.

Demonstration Video

Why is YO Home Sperm Test may be an excellent solution for your patients and all couples Trying to Conceive?

  • Convenience: YO testing can be performed in the comfort and privacy of the user’s home without needing an appointment with a healthcare provider or a laboratory visit.
  • Affordability: YO is less expensive than traditional semen analysis performed in a medical laboratory.
  • Early detection: YO may allow for early detection of potential fertility issues, which can help couples identify and address potential problems sooner.
  • Privacy: Some men may feel more comfortable testing their semen at home rather than in a medical setting.
  • Accuracy: YO Home Sperm Test is Doctor Recommended and 97% Accurate compared to laboratory testing.
  • Medical Electronic Systems can provide a discount code you can share with your patients.

The ACOG Annual Meeting includes a wide range of topics, such as updates on clinical practice guidelines, new surgical techniques, advances in reproductive medicine, and discussions on public health policies related to women’s health.  Medical Electronic Systems is proud to support the organization and offer a solution to women and couples exploring the male factor as an important step in their fertility Journey.  Remember, it All Started with a Sperm and an Egg!

Please reach out to [email protected] for any questions, or to schedule an appointment at ACOG!