In January, 2018, the YO team from Los Angeles was attending CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas. They were taking in all the excitement of CES when they were approached by a handsome, happy gentleman, named Gabriel del Rio.

Gabriel’s first question was, “Are you the guys from YO home sperm test?” Pointing to the large YO logo on their shirts, the team confirmed they, indeed, were. “Have I got a story to tell you,” he said.

YOSperm Test helps couples identify fertility issues early on

Gabriel’s story, in his own words, was fabulous:

“Your YO home sperm test helped us identify signs of trouble when we were trying to get pregnant. We used YO early on and showed the YO video to our doctor, who helped us develop a new plan. I was the source of our ‘problem’ and YO helped us quickly change some things, with near-instant results. YO actually saved us time, money and a lot of heartache by helping us understand our fertility challenges. It was a great investment for us and we’re now expecting our baby boy in March. We can’t be more thrilled about our successful journey toward parenthood!”

To say the team was excited is an understatement. We absolutely love that YO was able to help this family identify their fertility issues early. Since then, we’ve been following along with Gabriel and his wife, Nicole.

Baby del Rio should make his appearance toward the end of March, although, according to Gabriel, the doctors are expecting an early delivery.

Stay with us as we follow the journey of the del Rio family. We’ll be back with pictures and more about this precious family, one of the first to use YO’s home sperm test!

YOSperm Test helps couple identify issues quickly