So you and your significant other are trying to conceive and you get your sperm checked with the YO at home male fertility test. You’re both happy because the results come back great, but you’re still having trouble conceiving. At this point, you may be wondering what to do next. 

Let’s take it back to health class

Everyone who has taken health class knows you need both a man and woman to conceive – the sperm and the egg. Without one or the other, conception is not possible. If YO says your sperm looks good, then you’ve probably got the man side of the equation covered. But what about the woman?

While there can be many reasons a woman is struggling to conceive, a big one is problems with ovulation – in fact, ovulatory issues are the #1 cause of infertility in women. Luckily, Proov can help women determine if problems with ovulation are preventing them from conceiving. 

How can Proov help?

Proov is the first in-home rapid response urine progesterone test. Progesterone is absolutely necessary for conception, as it prepares the uterine lining for the embryo and ensures a healthy environment for the embryo to thrive in. Without progesterone, an embryo has no chance of survival and you have no chance of conception. 

Progesterone is only produced by the empty follicle – the corpus luteum – after ovulation occurs. So, a single positive Proov test (after an LH surge) confirms that a woman has ovulated. 

Proov is also awesome because it allows women to track their progesterone levels over time, specifically through the implantation window. If progesterone levels do not stay elevated throughout the entire implantation window, then conception cannot happen. 

YO and Proov help you conceive faster

If you’ve already tested your sperm with YO, then congrats, you’re one step closer to conceiving or figuring out what is preventing you from conceiving! Along with YO, testing progesterone with Proov is another important step in conceiving sooner. Together, these tests give you and your significant other the information you need to empower your fertility journey. Visit the Proov Website and use Coupon Code YO20 to receive 20% off your purchase!