Are you struggling on Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day. For many Americans, the holiday conjures up images of beautiful bouquets, sunny spring weather, champagne brunches, and quality time with family. What could be better? Unfortunately, not everyone has such pleasant associations. For couples on a fertility journey, Mother’s Day can awaken feelings of acute anxiety, jealousy and sadness. Watching other women celebrating with their children, a woman struggling with infertility may find herself wondering “Will I ever be able to celebrate? Will I ever be a mother?”

The good news is that thanks to modern fertility technology, for many women the answer to that question is a resounding yes. Without minimizing the deep emotional pain Mother’s Day presents for couples experiencing infertility, there is also good reason to be hopeful— advanced fertility technology is enabling more women to achieve their dream of becoming mothers than ever before. Surprisingly, one of the key factors driving that progress actually has nothing to do with women, but rather is due to advances in male infertility diagnosis and treatment.  Research has shown that male-factor infertility impacts at least 50% of couples trying to conceive, whether it is the sole factor or a contributing one. 

Despite male infertility being so prevalent, many men are hesitant to be tested because they feel uncomfortable submitting a sperm sample in the doctor’s office. Home testing has made the process easier, allowing men to test their sperm in the privacy and comfort of their homes. During the Coronavirus pandemic, home testing has additional advantages— it can be done safely while sheltering in place and maintaining social distance. However, if you choose to test your sperm at home, it’s important to make sure that the test does more than simply count your sperm. Contrary to popular perception, male fertility is impacted by a variety of factors including sperm motility (movement) and morphology (shape), not only the quantity of sperm. YO Sperm Test gives you input on your motility as well as your sperm count, and allows you to track your sperm count over time to assess the impact of lifestyle changes like sleep, diet and exercise on your sperm quality and quantity.  

We’re committed to doing everything possible to help couples in their journey towards parenthood. In order to empower and support couples struggling with infertility, we’re offering a special 25% Mother’s Day discount on our home sperm tests, for the entire week of May 10th through 16th.  We hope it will be the first step in a journey that will lead to many happy Mother’s Days in the future.