4 Ways to Manage Stress as a Couple While Trying to Conceive

The excitement of trying for a baby is uniquely special. However, for 1 in 8 couples that joy soon turns into an emotional rollercoaster as the wait gets longer. This can cause a lot of frustration, disappointment and potentially friction as you and your partner try to cope with the situation in your own ways. In this article, we list out 4 actionable tips to help manage stress as a couple on your trying to conceive journey.

Talk about how you feel

The cause of infertility may stem from you – or it may stem from your partner. Finding out you’re the cause of your struggle may lead to decreased self-esteem and anxiety. On the other hand, if the cause of infertility rests on your partner, it’s easy to feel frustrated and play the blame game. While it’s important to truly feel all your feelings, blaming yourself or your partner only leads to more sadness and distress.

Fertility counsellors recommend talking to each other openly and honestly. Communication is key and it’s far better to speak about everything as you go along rather than end up bursting everything out in a heated argument.

Carve out time for fun

The stress of trying to conceive can put a strain on your relationship. While it’s important to talk about getting pregnant and preparing for a baby, this shouldn’t be the only subject of your conversations. Plan out a date night from time to time, or even a spontaneous trip where you can take a break from it all. Oh – and have sex, of the fun kind, of course – the kind that doesn’t involve conversations on ovulation and cervical mucus.

Seek out couples counselling

You’re navigating infertility as a team and that team needs to be strong. Seeking help early on can help your relationship stay strong and healthy. Fertility therapists are knowledgeable about the unique stresses of infertility and the nuances of fertility treatment, if this is the path you’re taking. They can support you and help you find ways to cope and connect during this time and beyond.

If it’s getting too much – take a short break

Infertility can feel like a full time job. If your TTC journey is taking over your life, it may be time for a break. Speak about it with your partner – focusing on something that brings you joy for a couple of months can benefit you both. You can then resume with renewed energy and a clearer mind.

You’re not alone.

For many couples, getting pregnant takes time. The experience can be exhausting, so prioritizing your mental, physical and emotional well-being is important. If you’ve been trying longer than a year, or something just doesn’t feel right, seek help from a fertility expert. If this feels too daunting, you can check your sperm levels at home. Yo Sperm Test provides you with important information on your viable sperm and reports a quality score. You can then share your results with a professional who will help identify the best way forward for you and your partner. Learn more about Yo Sperm Test here. Good luck!