15 Date Ideas When Trying to Conceive

What’s one, sure-fire way to dampen anyone’s sex drive? Scheduling. If you’ve been trying to conceive for a while, chances are that ovulation monitoring and mucus checking have replaced foreplay. Being intimate can feel like a chore if the focus is only on the end result: conceiving.

As you work to create a mini you, it’s important to carve out time to connect as a couple outside the baby-making. Doing so would naturally lead to unscheduled intimacy, aka sex of the fun kind. Keep the passion alive when trying to conceive with this list of amazing date ideas:

  • Dancing classes: salsa or ballroom dancing to get cupid busy again
  • Volunteer together to connect on a deeper level
  • Book a couple’s massage for some joint pampering
  • Movie night: something romantic (or even steamy if you’re up to it) will do the trick
  • Cook dinner together or take a cooking class. Working as a team to create something from scratch is super rewarding
  • Recreate your first date and rekindle that spark
  • Go to a comedy show. Laughter is, after all, the best medicine
  • Visit an amusement park and feel like kids again
  • Go on a hike – nothing beats being out in nature
  • Take out the old albums – or your phone – for a trip down memory lane to your very first dates
  • Visit your parents or in-laws: as weird as it sounds, there’s some fun to be had on your childhood bed!
  • Take an art class and let your creative juices flow
  • Go on a wine tasting tour: wine is often considered an aphrodisiac that helps increase sexual desire
  • Try glamping – it’s camping, but without the discomfort, and with plenty of luxurious romance
  • A weekend away, potentially with friends. Sneaking in a baby-making session, knowing you can get caught gets the adrenaline pumping!

Bottom line is: you may be laser focused on conceiving, but it’s still important to nurture your relationship. Once you do get pregnant, there will be a little someone accompanying you close to 24/7. Make the most of this time and do things you won’t be able to do as easily when you’re parents. Keeping the passion alive is not only great for your relationship, it also helps reduce your overall stress levels, and potentially make conception quicker. Good luck and, more importantly, have fun!

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