NASA is preparing for MISSION SPERM – yes, sperm is going to outer space! NASA’s Micro-11 mission is getting ready to take frozen containers of this procreative payload to the International Space Station (ISS). Why? To see what the effect of long-duration space travel and reduced gravity conditions have on both sperm motility and the ability of those little swimmers to connect with an egg. While there, videos will be sent back to Earth…

Wait a minute – they’re going to be testing the impact of space travel on motile sperm and send videos back to Earth? Seems to us they need the YO Home Sperm Test, the most state-of-the-art home sperm test with a super-clear video …and so easy to use. This is definitely something NASA needs to hear about! To remedy the situation, we engaged the YO TEAM to notify NASA about YO, so the astronauts can easily test their precious payload of sperm in space.

The YO TEAM quickly sent an email to Darryl at NASA. We hope to hear from him (her) soon so we can ship YO kits and hear directly from the astronauts how they scored on the YO Sperm Trivia Challenge.

One thing the YO TEAM wanted to know from Darryl: Since the astronauts are an all-male crew aboard the ISS, why did NASA have to fly frozen human samples half-way to the moon? Couldn’t they have ‘collected’ on site? Maybe weightlessness has something to do with it? Since, in addition to human semen they are testing bull semen, maybe the logistics and challenge of transporting and maintaining a bull in space is a bit more of a challenge than we know.

Stay tuned for an update when we hear from Darryl at NASA. Maybe, one day soon, YO will be the official ISS outer space ‘home’ sperm test. Meanwhile, we wish the crew and their frozen payload immense success in their journey into space.