If you are trying to conceive or are undergoing fertility treatment, it is common to experience anxiety. Unfortunately, the psychological stress related to IVF can lead to impaired semen quality. Furthermore, if you feel under ‘pressure to perform’ when providing a semen sample, this could have a detrimental effect on the quality of the sperm.

In this article, we will explore how home sperm testing could reduce the stress of trying to conceive at home or with medical assistance.

Semen Quality During IVF

As part of an initial fertility assessment, men are asked to provide a screening semen sample. Often, a subsequent sample is not required until around the time of their partner’s egg retrieval, when IVF may be attempted.

A study reported that the quality of the two semen samples was significantly different. By the time of egg retrieval, the total sperm concentration had reduced by 39% compared to the initial sample. Motile sperm concentration had reduced by 47%. The researchers also noted increased movement at the head of the sperm, another indicator of reduced semen quality.

Between providing the two semen samples, men reported that their perceived significance of the sample greatly increased. Psychological stress was amplified due to their profound desire to ‘perform’ by producing a good quality semen sample to aid conception. The study demonstrated the relationship between psychological state and semen quality.

Reducing Stress with Home Testing

When you are trying to conceive, you want the experience to be as stress-free as possible. The environment of the clinic is not thought to reduce semen quality, but the stress associated with producing a good sample is.

Research into YO Home Sperm Test has been positive.  Scientists reported that a YO Home Sperm Test “has a high level of accuracy and precision” in assessing whether a sample has a low or normal concentration of motile sperm. The paper reported that using a home testing kit from YO could improve both patient satisfaction and increase feelings of empowerment.

Monitoring semen quality at home could inspire you to make lifestyle changes that could improve the quality of the sample you produce. Keeping active, prioritizing sleep, and accessing counseling could all reduce any psychological distress to improve your semen sample.

Of course, if fertility treatment is required, providing a semen sample at a clinic cannot be avoided. However, by taking control of monitoring semen quality in the comfort of your home, you may feel confident about the quality of the sample you will produce. This could reduce performance anxiety and mitigate the risk of producing a lower quality sample when it really matters.

Final Thoughts

For men undergoing fertility treatment, semen quality has been shown to decrease between baseline assessment and the sample given during a fertility cycle. A link between the perceived importance of the sample and decreasing semen quality has been confirmed.

YO Home Sperm Tests are proven to accurately measure motile sperm concentration, empowering men to assess and monitor semen quality without performance anxiety. This may reduce stress and increase confidence when providing a sample at a clinic, or when trying to conceive naturally at home.