Proov Ovulation Confirmation Kit | 5 Pack


Confirm Successful Ovulation with Proov in the Privacy of Home

  • Works great with your favorite ovulation test or other fertile window tracking method.
  • Confirms successful ovulation by tracking PdG days 7, 8, 9, and 10 after suspected ovulation, as levels must be elevated during this window to indicate ovulation was healthy and provided the best chance at conception.
  • Clinically validated to correlate with progesterone levels in blood.
  • Allows for multiple days of testing to ensure levels stay elevated for long enough – critical information that can be missed by a one time test.
  • FDA cleared and Doctor Recommended.
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Proov is the first and only at-home PdG Рa progesterone metabolite Рtest to confirm successful ovulation. Progesterone is the hormone released after ovulation…and it needs to be elevated high enough for long enough to confirm successful ovulation. Problems with ovulation can make it difficult to get pregnant, and with Proov, you can figure out if you are ovulating successfully right from your own home!  This critical information can change the game when it comes to trying to conceive!

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